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Icki Beats (1999): RRRepetitive

Zipperspy, Icki Beats (Ground Fault Series II, 1999)
[originally posted 19Jan2000]

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A crack in melancholy time.

This is the first album I’ve ever seen where the band’s domain name (, of course {note: link now dead}) is actually an integral part of the liner art. <insert stuff about commodification of underground music here> It also gets the runaway vote for “dumbest album title of the year.” But we’ll allow a little leeway.

The first thing to be said is: if you hate hip-hop/breakbeat/jungle/whatever the hell it’s called these days, the first track on this disc is probably going to put you off. Don’t let it. It’s an awful way to start an album, and its main message seems to be “sample me, because I’m repetitive and brainless.” However, after that the album picks up nicely. The beats stick around, but they’re melded into other things as well, and they get a whole lot more interesting when other sounds are added to the mix. In some cases it even approaches a noise format, but more often than not it stays calm and minimal. The beats approach and retreat, the other sounds reacting in various ways.

I’m not well versed in this breakbeat/jungle/whatever stuff, so for all I know this is the most derivative album in the universe. I do know, however, that while this is something that I’ll be listening to in small doses, it’s not a one-listen CD; it’ll end up in Goat Central rotation on a sporadic basis when I get the urge to listen to something that makes me want to bounce around the room. (And, of course, with this many beats and interesting noises, it’s like sample city on one CD…) If you like interesting, fragmentary dance tracks– or more to the point, if you like creating music with other peoples’ interesting, fragmentary dance tracks– you’ll want to pick this one up. ** ½


Zipperspy live (and much better) in Boston, 2004.

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