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Weeds (1987): At Folsom Prison, Nolte-Style

Weeds (John D. Hancock, 1987)
[originally posted 22Feb2000]

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Yes, Virginia, there WAS a time when Nick Nolte didn’t look 70 years old!

Rent. Go rent now. You’ve all heard me expound on my theory that every bad actor gets one good movie? This is Nick Nolte’s. For once, his scenery-chewing doesn’t detract from the film. To help him out, Hancock put together a really good ensemble cast of rising stars, most of whose stars have now long risen (Ernie Hudson, William Forsythe, Joe Mantegna, Lane Smith, et al.). If you can buy the basic premise (and I think it’s based on a true story, so that shouldn’t be terribly hard), it’s a hell of an enjoyable film. *** ½

A twelve-minute clip from the film.

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