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Taking the Team (2012): Bend It Like Lovelace

photo credit: Oregon State University

Layla Cole, Taking the Team (Layla Cole, 2012)

photo credit:

I still don’t know what the tie has to do with it. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

Gorgeous-but-shy college girl (do these people really exist?) gets an assignment to interview the school’s soccer team that goes from talking to much, much more. Certainly not the worst cheapo Kindle porn on the block, but nothing new or out of the ordinary, and, well, kind of mechanical. Plus there’s that ridiculous convention of multiple-partner stories that involves the anatomical near-impossibility of all the males managing to be crowded around one woman and still not touch in any sort of erotic way. That one’s automatic points off in my book; your mileage may vary. **

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