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Sleepyhead (2006): Teddybear Mansbach Speaks!

Karma Wilson and John Segal, Sleepyhead (Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2006)

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Go the bear to sleep!

When I was about halfway through this, reading it to the bean in the living room with my wife present, I paused and said to her, “you know what? This is Go the Fuck to Sleep for the pre-lit set.” And indeed it is, with the papa teddy bear getting increasingly strident with his toddler teddy-bear child, who always wants “just one more [x]” before going to sleep until s/he finally conks out. From exhaustion, one assumes; Wilson isn’t giving the reader any facile/illusory answers about short-cuts for getting your kid to conk out. Which is kind of frustrating when said child has been awake for three days solid and shows no signs of running out of steam. A little on the long side for the under-two set—the bean’s attention span starts to flag about six pages before the end—but very nicely rhythmic. I just wish it would lull him to sleep sometimes… ***

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