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Infinity Paradox (2000): What’s Good Is Good

Various Artists, Infinity Paradox (Digital Intersect Media, 2000)
[originally posted 10Apr2000]

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This ice is thin, come on, dive in.

Finally, the Digital Intersect folks have gotten the Infinity Paradox comp done and out the door. And it’s not quite what I expected. Unfortunately, one of the things that died during that crash on Friday was my detailed notes about the comp, so you’ll have to settle for highlights. And there won’t be many surprises there, from this camp: the two main highlights of this comp are Baal’s “Supernova: Dead Language” and Sleeping with the Earth’s “Lythos.” Both are quite similar to the work that was going on with both bands at the time these tracks were recorded (SWTE’s self-titled demo and Baal’s Species23 CD), and there aren’t any surprises as to the sound on either track. There are some other good ones here—Sara Ayers contributes a vocal-less track of shifting synthesizer melody quite unlike her usual work, and Sult gives us a rather interesting romp through mid-channel murkiness, but the majority of the comp says beat, beat, beat. And it’s not techno-ish beat, it’s dance-ish beat, that kind of industrial “EBM” stuff that seems to be on everyone’s lips since the rise to popularity of groups like Chemical Brothers and Prodigy. Honestly, I have no way of determining whether it’s good, from that perspective, or not; I don’t have nearly enough experience with the musical style. The above-mentioned four tracks, however, are reason enough to grab this absurdly cheap disc (six bucks postpaid) if any are left. ** ½

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