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I Need My Monster (2009): Yelp Wanted, Inquire Within

Amanda Noll, I Need My Monster (Flashlight Press, 2009)

photo credit: Amanda Noll

A red under every bed!

I’d had this book on my to-read list for years by the time I actually got round to taking it out of the library, so my memory of what I was thinking when I added it all the way back in 2009 is probably faulty, but I expected this one to be for a younger audience than I think it is actually intended for. The bean (now twenty-one months old) enjoyed it until about halfway through; he doesn’t yet have the attention span for a story of this length and complexity. I’m going to try him on it again when he’s three-ish, because it’s a fun little story in the subgenre of “let’s make the monsters under the bed not scary”, which is a subgenre I am quite fond of. And I like Noll’s take on the tale: the monster under the bed is our hero’s pal, and when said monster takes a week’s fishing vacation, our hero auditions a series of ever-more-bizarre monsters as a substitute. Fun stuff for kids around first-reader age. ***

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