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150 Blue Ribbon Handicapping Systems (1979): What Color Ribbon Is for Last Place?

No author listed, 150 Blue Ribbon Handicapping Systems (GBC, 1979)
[originally posted 14Mar2000]

points off: no author listed (other than “The editors of GBC Press.” Show a little spine, people.)

photo credit: Amazon

If even one of them worked, you wouldn’t need the other 149, would you?

I actually got this one as a bonus with another book. And that’s about the only way I’d recommend getting a copy of this, unless you happen to find it for fifty cents at the library book sale. Another compendium of the same stuff in a hundred other handicapping books, overvaluing some things that have been disproven time and again and undervaluing a number of others. I’ll probably check some of these, just to see if there’s anything of worth here, but I’m sure I know what the answer will be. * ½

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