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To Survive the Beginning (2012): We’re Up Caca Creek Without a Paddle

Gina Ranalli, To Survive the Beginning (Bloo Skize Books, 2012)


photo credit: Amazon

Homo Zombectus.

Gina Ranalli can do pretty damn near anything and do it well. Hey, how about a short story featuring cavemen vs. zombies? COMING RIGHT UP. There were a couple of times I thought it could’ve been longer (one character gets zombified, for example, with only the barest foreshadowing that he’s close to death; we could have used a little more time with him when we were getting the character-building), but what’s here is up to Ranalli’s usual standards of quality; if you’ve read some of her other pieces and liked them, you can pick this one up and be relatively certain it’ll be a quick, satisfying bite, no pun intended. As an introduction to Ranalli, I’d probably go with something longer and more complete-feeling (personally, I’d go with Wall of Kiss, which is short enough to feel like an intro piece but long enough to really get into character development in a way this doesn’t), but you will want to eventually circle back around to this. Fun stuff. ***

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