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Buffalo ’66 (1998): Schiessenfilm ’98

Buffalo ’66 (Vincent Gallo, 1998)
[originally posted 22Feb2000]

photo credit: IMDB

Question 1: Who taught Vincent Gallo how to pose for pictures, John Wayne Gacy?

I wanted to like this movie. I really did. Edgy Barry Levinson-esque camerawork, some truly funny moments, an A-list cast who must have worked for scale, the whole nine yards. But I still couldn’t get my head around this movie. Vincent Gallo just isn’t credible as a revenge-plotting ex-con, though the movie’s other major plot (dealing with the dysfunctional family) works pretty well. The cast backing him up, with the exception of Christina Ricci (she plays it as well as she can, but her role is just written badly), injects some truly fine moments into this film, but a collection of fine moments held together in an awful pit of celluloid does not a good film make. Maybe someone will release an outtakes version (and cut out the soundtrack, which is basically the guitar solos from Yes’ song “Heart of the Sunrise”). * ½

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