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Ava the Talking Kangaroo (2011): More Smack, Vicar?

Matt Ballard, Ava the Talking Kangaroo (No publisher listed, 2011)

points off: no publisher listed.

photo credit:

She does shut up eventually.

I’m not sure I know quite where to begin with this one, aside from knocking off a star for the lack of information noted above. I’m certainly no stranger to budget Kindle ebooks, so when I saw the cover, and we’ll be tactful and call the drawing modern primitivist, I was perfectly okay with that and more than willing to give the book a chance. And, well, I know you’ve got to wade through a whole lot of budget-ebook swine to find the pearls like ABC Party Animals!, so it’s not like I begrudge the three minutes I spent reading this one or the buck it set me back. And really, most of it’s not that bad, but every once in a while you get a real howler…

“It might be long, you may be a while,
so sit and listen with a smile.
And if you’re lucky, it might only be, [sic]
an hour or two before you’re FREE!”

Ay, caramba… I’ve certainly read worse over the past couple of years, but that can still see the bottom of the barrel through the murk. If you pick a copy of this up, read through it yourself before busting it out for the kiddies. *

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