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What Pete Ate from A to Z (2003): “Terrible Tummyache”, Howled the Dragon

Maira Kalman, What Pete Ate from A to Z (Puffin, 2003)


photo credit: Amazon

I can haz Alphabet?

I expected this one to be aimed at a slightly younger set than it was, I think. The bean never made it through a single reading when we had it out of the library (he was twenty months old at the time), but, having been raised with dogs until my late teen years, I got a kick out of it enough to keep going after he lost interest. It’s actually pretty darn clever in spots (one certainly shouldn’t expect character development from an alphabet book, but hey, here it is!), but I wonder if the actual demographic who are likely to be advanced enough to pick up on the subtlety and the engaging wit that shows up in the latter half of the book isn’t going to think themselves too advanced for “an alphabet book”; still, keep it around, once they grow up they’ll get into it. ***


(By the way–the subtitle is a line from Ken Baker’s Old McDonald Had a Dragon.)

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