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True Romance (1993): False Elvis

True Romance (Tony Scott, 1993)
[originally posted 31Jan2000]

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Tarantino writes the script. Of course it’s going to kick ass. And everyone and their mothers are in this movie. The casting must have cost half the budget. (One wonders why Steve Buscemi wasn’t in on this one.) However, the casting and the script are pretty much the only reasons to watch this movie, which is about forty-five minutes too long for its plot. Christian Slater and his unknowing wife (Patricia Arquette) steal half a million dollars’ worth of cocaine from a very nasty pimp/dealer (an unrecognizable Gary Oldman, playing as great a bad guy as he did in Léon) and head for Cali to sell it. Could’ve been a high-powered action flick (the theft), could have been a good road movie (getting to Cali), could have been another good high-powered action flick (trying to sell the drugs to an hysterically funny Bronson Pinchot), but when the director attempted to glue the pieces together, everything came out flat. For Tarantino completists. **




Bonus! A piece from Merzbow’s disc Music for True Romance vol. 1. That the True Romance mentioned in the title is a bondage porn film and not Tony Scott’s will not stop me from posting it here in the least.


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