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It’s Potty Time! (for Boys) (2010): Flushit

No author listed, It’s Potty Time! (for Boys) (Smart Kidz Media, 2010)

Points off: no author listed (and let’s be honest, points off for spelling the name of your press “smart kidz”)


photo credit: Barnes and Noble

The “Press Me” button is one of those things that should give you the idea that you might want to give this a wide berth.

Well, the bean found it momentarily amusing thanks to the sound feature (you press a button, you get the sound of a flushing toilet and a giggling child), but from an adult’s perspective, I didn’t find it especially well-written, and it didn’t hold up to re-reading all that well; Dave didn’t seem to think so either, since it was in heavy rotation at reading time for about a week, then tapered off over week #2, and we haven’t picked it up since. We’ve pulled a selection of potty books out of the library (and Everyone Poops is a perennial storytime favorite; it’s still in light rotation after four months), and every one of them has gotten a better reaction so far; judging by my experience, I’d say this is a decent starting point, but get it from the library rather than buying a copy. * ½

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