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Cute and Funny Cat Pictures (????): Blog to Book Is Even Sillier When It’s Not Your Blog

Grace Bryant, Cute and Funny Cat Pictures (No publisher listed, no date listed)

Points off for lack of information (as above).

photo credit: Amazon

If the only cover image for the book you can find online is an Amazon graphic with the “Kindle edition” and “click to look inside” overlays, that should set alarm bells off in your head.

Someone seriously went and harvested graphics from, turned them into an ebook, and put it up on Amazon? Yep. And you know what? I’m not even going to comment on the whole grey copyright area there. I’m going to go back to my old standard comments about the whole blog-to-book craze. The reason that sites like cheezburger are continually amusing is that the content is refreshed so often; every time you go to the site, there’s new material there to chuckle over. A book that compiles the “best of” is pretty much the antithesis of that, and thus it’s doomed to fail, though to be fair to the compiler (I refuse to call the compilers of such things “authors”), these are probably put together in order to capitalize on the fad of the moment and make said compiler a quick buck. (And we’re not factoring in that the compiler’s sense of humor may well make for a very different best-of than you or I would come up with.) So, yeah—unless you find yourself very easily amused, and amused by the same things over and over and over and… (you get the idea), you will probably want to pick this up free, if you do at all. *

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