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Cool Runnings (1993): You Alive, Mon?

Cool Runnings (Jon Turtletaub, 1993)
[originally posted 31Jan2000]

photo credit: Wikipedia

It started as a vehicle for a rapper and a comedian whose career was fading and turned into a damn good movie. Who’d’a thunk?

I wasn’t expecting much from this somewhat fact-based tale of the formation and exploits of the first Jamacian bobsled team, but it ended up being quite charming for all that, despite the presence of the normally-annoying John Candy. A very nice way to expend no braincells for an hour and a half and laugh quite a bit in the process. The script is a little obvious at times as Malik Yoba (in his first role—he’s going places, trust me on this) falls into the hate-love role with one of his teammates and John Candy gives inspirational speeches, but this isn’t the kind of film that you rent expecting a really good script. Go in expecting nothing and you’ll get a very pleasant surprise. *** ½



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