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Brave Little Monster (2001): The Terrible Twos

Ken Baker, Brave Little Monster (Harper, 2001)


photo credit: Tower

Who would fear lemonade? SWEET LEMONADE.

Ken Baker published his last two books through Amazon Children’s Publishing, and I got them both through Amazon Vine. They’re two of the bean’s favorites, so I hunted up his first book at my library and took a look. Brave Little Monster struck me as being for slightly older children; there’s more text here, and a more in-depth story, than is found in Cow Can’t Sleep or Old McDonald Had a Dragon, but it’s got the same whimsical humor and outrageous illustrations as the newer books. (It does lack that slight, but there, sense of transgression that makes me wonder how Old McDonald Had a Dragon would go over in a classroom setting.) It didn’t stick around too long, but once the bean is a little older and has the attention span for it (say, three years old, maybe), I’m certainly going to give it another try. Books aimed at quelling the fears of the monster under the bed are usually good stuff, and when you combine that conceit with the work of Ken Baker, how can you go wrong? *** ½

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