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Another Day in the Milky Way (2007): You Smile from the Gallery, Ringing a Bell

David Milgrim, Another Day in the Milky Way (Putnam, 2007)


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The stars at night are big and bright… [CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP]

Milgrim is a longtime favorite in our house; I was a fan of Amelia Makes a Movie for years before the bean was born, and Time to Get Up, Time to Go is still in heavy rotation at storytime after almost six months. So when I found another book of his in the library’s card catalog (well, it’s been a long, long time since we used cards, but you know), I immediately put a copy on hold. This one, like Amelia Makes a Movie, is for older readers than the bean (who just crossed the 21-month mark earlier this week); every time I tried to read it to him, he’d get about halfway through before losing interest. I’m going to try it on him again in about a year, because it’s a pretty good one, methinks; predictable and kind of simplistic compared to Amelia, but Milgrim’s trademark enchanting illustrations and ability to throw weird curveballs into a narrative will make this one a fun time for transitional or first readers. ***

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