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ABC Party Animals! (2013): Another Alphabet Animal Book that Leaves Out the Candiru

Ana Davis, ABC Party Animals! (Ana Davis, 2013)


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Man, party planning is a real pain when you don’t have opposable thumbs.

My wife picked this up for the Bean cheap when she got the Kindle Fire to keep him amused on the plane. I’m a veteran of ultra-cheap Kindle titles, and I know that oftentimes you get what you pay for, so I was not expecting this to be as fun as it is. Davis has a very good ear for rhythm, though she did sometimes sacrifice flow (“Abe had a best friend, it was Bibi the bird./Whipsered Bibi to Bee, ‘Let’s spread the word!’”) I was also a little let down by her choosing the same old animals everyone uses for Q and X, especially since for N she went with the Numbat, whom you don’t often see in kids’ books (or anywhere else, for that matter)—would it have been too much to ask to see a quahog or a xenopus here? Still, for a cheap Kindle pre-lit book, this one is way better than you would expect; it is easily of the same quality of many of the traditionally-published pre-lit books we’ve been reading to the bean this past year. ***

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