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A Few Good Men (1992): You Can’t Handle the Script

A Few Good Men (Rob Reiner, 1992)
[originally posted 17Jan2000]

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It even LOOKS like an inspirational book cover, doesn’t it?

The more I see of Tom Cruise, the more I realize he’s one of the weakest actors getting top-quality roles these days, and every movie he’s been in since The Firm (and most all of them before that– there can never be an excuse for Top Gun, unless it’s Hot Shots) would have been inestimably better with anyone but Tom Cruise in the starring role. Case in point: A Few Good Men, with a bunch of excellent performances counterpointed with Cruise and Jack Nicholson engaged in scenery-chewing contests throughout the movie. That aside, everyone else in this film from Cuba Gooding Jr. and Demi Moore to the woefully-underrated James Marshall worked miracles with a kludgy script and uninteresting direction work from Rob Reiner, who should stick to the mindless comedies we expect from him. ** ½



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