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Lazy (1999): There, Rat.

photo credit: Oregon State University

Peter Sotos, Lazy (Creation Books, 1999)

[originally posted 20Jan2000]

photo credit:

Assume the position.

There it is.
In front of you.
Open it.
It’s only a book, after all. It can’t hurt you.
Go on. Open it.
Do as I say.
Do you like that?

What are we going to read about today?
Part I: “Sensation,” and especially “Myra,” and of course long ramblings on one of Sotos’ favorite subjects, King Ian and Queen Myra. “Damien Hirst defended the work and threatened to pull his pieces from the show if the Hindley portrait wasn’t allowed in. Hirst is seen by most as the cornerstone of the ‘Young British Artist’ movement that the show trumpeted: SENSATION: YOUNG BRITISH ARTISTS FROM THE SAATCHI COLLECTION. And while many saw that the show was either an attempt for the Royal Academy to change its stodgy reputation or a chance for advertising ‘guru’ Charles Saatchi to increase the value and reputation of his collection, most of the paying punters saw an exhibition heavily
steeped in sexual violence or, at least, sexual vagaries.” (88-90)
Careful, Peter, you’re starting to sound like a mainstream art critic.

Part II: a logical leap into child molestation. Child murder. The murder of crack whores. All the lovely things that happen on the south side of Chicago while no one else is looking.

You’ve heard of the projects, right?
Do you know what they are?
Would you like me to take you there?
Do you know what a crack whore is? I can show you.
We also get to look into the mind of Peter Sotos, somewhat. Not much.
Just a little.
You like that, don’t you?

Part III: Another favorite topic. Would you like to go downtown? There are bookstores there. I think you might find them interesting. Especially the back rooms, where the peepshow booths are. And the Mexican hustlers who give it away for $5 a pop. And the transvestites. And the AIDS-infected young men who want nothing more than to keep having sex.
It’s all about risk.
It’s all about self-hatred.
And we get to see it.
Can you see?
Can you see this?
This is what you’ve been waiting for.
Sotos is going over the edge, slowly, and revealing more of himself as he does. He’s almost got to the point where he admits he does it because he wants to.

“I spend most of my time enjoying things I don’t like.” (295)
“I find men less ugly than women except when they act like them. Homosexual sex is often the quickest way there. And this is soon lapping up vagina and working on some ridiculous clit numb mistake. This turned into christmas and thanksgiving and his birthday and all the lipstick I could afford for one little suburban bar tit grope and sister blow job. I do want to see AIDS ejaculate. I want to be sure.” (313)

Don’t you like story time?
I know you do.
Don’t justify. You don’t need to justify to me. Just admit.
You always knew there was a seedy side to life. That’s why you love watching detective shows on TV. But they can’t show you the heavy stuff on TV. They don’t show it to you in the movies. You never knew where to see it before. And you want to see it. You know you do. In order to appreciate what you have more fully. You have to see how the other half lives. Incest. Rape. Murder. Brutality. Serial killers. Casual, anonymous, high-risk sex. Pornography. Pedophilia. Home invasion. Abduction. Assault, battery, molestation, homosexuality, HIV, the media, hatred, hatred, hatred.

Don’t justify.
**** 1/2


Sotos reading from Pure Filth at St. Mark’s in New York.

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