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Demon Sacred, vol. 3 (2003): Cloven-hoof Gen

Natsumi Itsuki, Demon Sacred, vol. 3 (Tokyopop, 2003)


photo credit: Goodreads

We’re gonna need a bigger boat…

NOTE: This review necessarily contains plot spoilers for earlier volumes in the series.

Now we’re starting to get somewhere. Helmut is finally revealed, as is his tie to Shinobi, while we also meet Helmut’s slightly cracked (and entirely self-centered) sister. Keito, now aware of the existence of K2, becomes obsessed with meeting him and finding out how they can look so much alike and be so different. Meanwhile, Mona wants to see if she can find a way to work with the Griffin’s chain to keep the Griffin and K2 from constantly trying to destroy one another…and finds something entirely different than she expected. Here’s the volume where the series really seems to find its groove; there’s a lot going on here, and it all falls into a very nice rhythm, with the characters distinguishing themselves better, becoming more three-dimensional; at a guess, the Keito/K2 distinction is what made everything click into place. One way or the other, the series really starts picking up steam here. *** ½

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