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Demon Sacred, vol. 2 (2003): I Ain’t Nothin’ but Your Fool

Natsumi Itsuki, Demon Sacred, vol. 2 (Tokyopop, 2003)


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Spread your tiny wings and fly away…

NOTE: This review necessarily contains plot spoilers for earlier volumes in the series.

Having one demon around the house wasn’t enough? Now Mona needs to chain a demon of her own—and a much stronger one, no less, the Beast of the Apocalypse (the second-strongest demon in the universe, we are told). He’s not overly thrilled with having taken on human form—much less the form of a Jpop singer—but the discovery of his insatiable sweet tooth leads to Mona finding a quick way to bargain with him. Meanwhile, SMIC, the company Shinobi does research for, is about to unveil a new initiative they’re calling X-Day, and Helmut Rindelts, SMIC’s mysterious leader, seems to want Shinobi at the center of it…but what IS it? I’m still not quite sure the series has found its way yet, but there are more than enough intriguing ideas behind it to keep me going into the third volume. ***

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