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I Want My Hat Back (2011): OK. Thank You Anyway.

Jon Klassen, I Want My Hat Back (Candlewick Press, 2011)

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Have you seen my hat?

This is great stuff. A bear loses his hat, and wanders through the forest asking various animals (including one guy I couldn’t figure out what it was… an armadillo, maybe?) whether they’d seen his hat. Adults will pick up on the culprit very quickly, but kids might not. Once the bear’s memory is jarred, he realizes he has seen his hat, leading to a Sergio Leone-style confrontation and a great, great punchline that’s probably the best I’ve seen in a pre-lit book since Emily Gravett’s Wolves (it’s just as mean-spirited and just as funny). Parents who are overly sensitive to violence will probably want to check this one out at the library before adding it to the permanent collection, but others… well, you may not need a kid to enjoy this one. One of my favorite books of the year so far, on any reading level. ****


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