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30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010): Flogging a Dead Format

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (Ben Ketai, 2010)


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This time… it’s personal! (No, really.)

I didn’t like David Slade’s original 30 Days of Night film. (I have since tracked down the source material, though, and realize that instead of blaming Slade, as I did in my initial review of the film, I should have gone after Steve Niles; Slade was faithful to substandard source.) Which makes me wonder what I was even thinking watching a sequel. I might have avoided it had I read the IMDB comments, which (quite accurately) reflect the movie as derivative of Blade and Underworld, but without the quality of the former or the misguided talent of the latter.

Spoiler Alert!

NOTE: the plot synopsis contains a major spoiler for the first film.

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“You know, I should probably be way more turned on right now than I actually am.”

Plot: Stella Olemaun (A Perfect Getaway‘s Kiele Sanchez, cast after scheduling conflicts caused Melissa George, who was to reprise her role, to drop out), one of the few survivors of the vampires’ occupation of Barrow in the original film, has moved to Los Angeles with the intention of both publicizing the reality of vempires and drawing their attention to her in order to draw them out so she can get revenge for the death of her husband. She succeeds in the latter, at least, which leads to a string of bloody shoot-’em-ups. And when you have those, why would you need such niceties as plot and character development?

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“Dammit, you said the filets on the buffet were boneless!”

It’s too bad, because there are a number of very good actors who got duped into being in this mess (Harold Perrineau’s name stands out, as does Diora Baird’s), and they really deserved better than the crappy script they were given. Still, if you’re a fan of action horror and you’ve watched the (vastly superior…even the third one) Resident Evil movies too many times, this will fit the bill. Kind of. * ½



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