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Invasion of the Bee Girls (1973): Intacta Insecta Hymenoptera

Invasion of the Bee Girls (Denis Sanders, 1973)


photo credit: wikipedia

For some reason, this reminds me of a women-in-prison poster. Content’s a little different, though…

Invasion of the Bee Girls starts off with the best idea ever, really—let’s combine fifties low-budget sci-fi monster movie goodness with seventies low-budget softcore cheesecake and have a hit!—but as is most often the case, the gulf between idea and execution is a wide one indeed. To be fair, a good deal of the reason why doesn’t appear until well into the film (about 2/3 of the way through), but if you’re just watching it to revel in the badness, that may well be enough to send you over the edge as much as it did me. But more on that later.

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The transformation.

Here’s the basics: an alien force has come to earth to transform our women into queen bees, but very shapely ones, who are set to take over the planet by killing off all the men by banging them to death. So far so good! But there would seem to be some folks who believe that (a) that doesn’t sound like the best way to die ever and (b) the delicious female cast of this film, which includes such sex kittens as Victoria Vetri (Rosemay’s Baby), Anna Aries (The Affair), and Anitra Ford (The Longest Yard), really should be spending more time wearing the stuff the costume designer for the film picked out, so they set about trying to stop the process. This, of course, involves a… penetrating… investigation into the very core of the conspiracy! (Naturally.)

Spoiler Alert!

All of which is well and good, until we get to said core of said conspiracy, when the

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“Was it good for you too… HONEY? Ha ha, get it? Oh, no, wait, you can’t. You’re dead!”

cheesecake turns out to have a very nasty, misanthropic heart to it (SPOILER ALERT!)—specifically, it’s quite anti-lesbian (the ladies are all very happy, content straight girls until they get taken over by the alien process, at which point they become (a) magically attracted to one another sexually and (b) evil creatures who need to be killed, and no, the correlation there is not a coincidental one). (/SPOILER ALERT!) At which point the movie becomes offensive as opposed to mildly amusing. No wonder Nicholas Meyer wanted to disown the thing. ½

The full movie is available free on Youtube, in case you don’t have Netflix.

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