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Slide and Find: Trucks (2007): For Heavy Equipment Lovers, This Is Nirvana

Roger Priddy, Slide and Find: Trucks (St. Martin’s Press, 2007)

photo credit: Goodreads

Truck fans will adore this.

Very nicely-constructed (I picked up a well-used copy at a local used bookstore and the interactive bits are almost as good as new despite heavy cosmetic wear) book that will definitely appeal to the pre-lit truck fan in the family, and as you get to first reader stage, the identify-the-trucks games should continue to hold a child’s interest for a while longer. While the book is simplistic beyond the level of being able to actually read it to your child, it’s simple enough that this may actually become a first reader’s first reader, if you handle it right in the pre-lit stages. *** ½

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