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Let’s Go, Thomas! (2011): The Sound of… not Silence, no.

Jim Durk and Gary McNamara, Let’s Go, Thomas! (Publications International, 2010)

photo credit: Barnes and Noble

beep beep. whoo whoo. click click.

Who was it that originally came up with these books that come with pre-recorded sounds? We always used to make fun of them when I was in the book biz in the early nineties. Well, they obviously haven’t gone away, and they’re just as obnoxious now as they were when I had to sell the things. But the kid loves the sounds, so who am I to say? The problem being that he’s more distracted by pressing the buttons and hearing the sounds than by the story, though I assume (I hope, anyway) he’ll grow out of that as time goes on. ** ½

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Media critic (amateur, semi-pro, and for one brief shining moment in 2000 pro) since 1986. Guy behind noise/powerelectronics band XTerminal (after many small stints in jazz, rock, and metal bands). Known for being tactless but honest.

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