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Garden Episodes in Verse (1937): The Plant People

Roberta Manak, Garden Episodes in Verse (Roberta Manak, 1937)

photo credit: meeeeeeeee

This is the oldest (currently) vanity-published title in my collection. No, vanity-published books of poetry were not any better in 1937.

The most interesting thing about this little book is that self-publishing existed in 1937. The book is falling apart; it wasn’t put together very well, but it was, in fact, put together by someone. The printer did not identify himself [ed. note: I have since found out it was Harter Publishing, a local vanity press]. I wouldn’t have either, given the quality of what’s here…

“She saw the gold fish as he eyed her,
And fearing he might sub-divide her,
She made the distance from him wider.

Poor thing, she had no one to guide her,
She had to be her own provider,
She died, a lonely ‘suicider.’”
(–‘The Glider”)

photo credit: mememememe

As a bonus!: An interior page. Because you HAVE to see the illustrations.

Seriously? Hard to imagine you can find this much ridiculousness in a single sixty-page volume, but there you go. Manak, who died in 1950, was by all accounts a much better gardener than she was a poet. For the sake of her plants, I hope so. *

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