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Where’s Baby’s Belly Button? (2000): Not Too Well-Hidden, Unfortunately

Karen Katz, Where’s Baby’s Belly Button? (Simon and Schuster, 2000)


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Well, if you put it on the front cover, you’re giving away the entire plot…

A lift-the-flaps book Karen Katz-style, with her distinctive illustrations and simple text. It’s a lovely book, but it’s getting a slightly lower review than I’d otherwise give it because it’s not as well-constructed as it would be reasonable to expect given that much of the flap-lifting is going to be done by the pre-lit set; the flap on the back page, especially, is likely to start coming loose after just weeks of handling (it covers almost the entire page). Still, that shouldn’t dissuade you from getting a copy (though you may want to pick it up from the library first to give it a test). ***

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