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Sonya Lee Helps the Leopard (2011): Wonder-Cat Powers, Activate!

Pam Mogensen, Sonya Lee Helps the Leopard (Fisher-Price, 2011)


photo credit: Fisher-Price

Love the cat, but…

This is the second Zoo Talker book I’ve read with the kid (Eddie Meets the Zebras has been a going-to-bed favorite for the past few months at Goat Central), and it’s also written by Pam Mogensen, so you can take much of what I said in my reviewof the first one and apply it here as regards the little weirdnesses. They’re compounded by the introduction of a fantasy angle (Sonya Lee can talk to animals), which kind of subverts what I thought—admittedly based on the smallest of sample sizes—was the general purpose of the books (relaying information about the animal in question to the reader, or the person to whom the reader is reading). So I’m a little confused by this one, and it hasn’t really grown on the bean yet; I’d say check out Eddie Meets the Zebras first, and maybe a few other books in the series, before turning to this one. **

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