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Pharaoh’s Curse (1957): …Is that You Must Watch This Movie

Pharaoh’s Curse (Lee Sholem, 1957)


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post-O’Bannon zombies hunger for brains. It’s too bad Sholem-era mummies didn’t.

Pharaoh’s Curse, a barely-feature-length attempt at horror from the late fifties (two decades earlier and we’d be referring to it as a two-reeler), can have the word “barely” attached to many aspects of it. Barely coherent. Barely competent. Barely acted (at all, much less well-). Barely watchable. The list goes on.

There’s a plot, which you’ve heard about a thousand times before (and it gets thinner every time): a group of Egyptologists, with assorted military personnel, open the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh (that somehow seems to be in the jungle—I didn’t think they had many of those in Egypt), and a curse visits one of the scientists, gradually turning him into a mummy. Not that you’ll care, assuming you even remember the movie, apart from a mildly clever twist at the end, more than five minutes after you’ve shut it off. It has no real distinguishing features that would make it stick in your mind; the direction is barely there, the actors are listless at best, the cinematography is lackadaisical. There may be a reason to watch this, but I can’t off the top of my head think what it would be. *


No trailer? Here, have a “let’s-play” video for the Pharaoh’s Curse custom Minecraft map!

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