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Immortal Rain, vol. 8 (2006): There’s More, But Not in English

Kaori Ozaki, Immortal Rain, vol. 8 (Tokyopop, 2006)


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The threads are starting to overwhelm.

The last (as of this writing) volume of Immortal Rain to be published in English (the series runs 11 tankobon in total, but with the demise of Tokyopop, this may be the last we ever get in English) took me almost six years to get my hands on. I can kind of see why—this looks to be the volume where the weight of the myriad threads of plot Ozaki has been balancing so carefully in the last few volumes may have borne down too hard. While it’s still a solid, action-packed series, it seems to lose its way a bit here—which is odd considering this is the volume where a lot of formerly disparate pieces start coming together into what I assume is the final story arc. It’s great to be back with these characters again—I read vol. 7 way back in July of 2007, and I’ve missed Machika, Rain, and the crew something fierce. And maybe that’s part of why this volume seems a bit of a letdown. ***

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