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Hell’s Gate 11:11 (2004): 9/11…Only Worse

Hell’s Gate 11:11 (Michael Bafaro, 2004)

photo credit: Amazon

If you combine every graphic design cliche imaginable with every horror cliche imaginable, you come up with this poster.

Bafaro followed up the relatively decent Malcolm McDowell vehicle The Barber with this, a movie whose name should never be used in the same paragraph as the word “decent”. Its main problem is all too simple to identify: the movie lacks a single empathetic, much less likable, character. This main flaw is backed up by any number of others, most notably the writing, which sounds more like a bad pop song than a film script much of the time (does any sober person over the age of sixteen actually use the phrase “this is my solemn promise” in a sentence?). But why stop there? We could go on all day about the terrible lighting (even in the outdoor shots!), some odd sound anomalies, the barely-competent cinematography, etc. By halfway through this movie I was attempting to watch it with just half an eye in order to preserve what little was left of my sanity. Terrible in every way. ½

Trailer. NO.

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