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Emma, vol. 8 (2009): Where Do You Go When Your Story Is Done?

Kaoru Mori, Emma, vol. 8 (CMX, 2009)

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The side-stories begin.

Emma finished with the end of vol. 7, and yet three more volumes were published. Vol. 8 revisits some old friends with slice-of-life stories that give us insights into their characters outside the main storyline. Of especial note is the first two-parter, which gives us a young Kelly Stowner and her husband Doug in an O. Henry-style plot to save up the two shilling they’ll need to visit the first World’s Fair (while Mori never explicitly mentions it, it’s probably safe to assume this is the 1851 World’s Fair in London). And ultimately it doesn’t matter whether Mori is telling us about Emma—who does show up once in a while in these stories as a minor character—or about others we’ve met along the way; her enthusiasm for Victorian England is infectious, and whatever aspect of it she chooses to write about, you’re guaranteed a good time. *** ½

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