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Emma, vol. 10 (2009): The Triumphant Conclusion

Kaoru Mori, Emma, vol. 10 (CMX, 2009)

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The series you don’t want to end now has.

Emma’s parade of side stories, it turns out, has a destination, and [spoiler alert, however minor it may be] that destination is exactly what you assume it was going to be from the first few pages of book one—so it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Mori devotes three full chapters to that ending, loud and chaotic and full of fun, as well as tying up a few loose ends that had been left at the end of vol. 7. Where Mori has spent much of her time outdoing herself with every book, vol. 10 almost feels like an anticlimax, though it’s a plateau; this is just as good as anything that came before it, and it is a fitting note on which to send off one of my favorite manga series. This is absolutely wonderful stuff, and even if you’re not a fan of manga, give Emma a go. ****

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