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Gidam (Epitaph) (2007): Here Lies the Body of Jonathan Blake…

Gidam (Epitaph) (Beom-Sik Jeong, 2007)


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It’s a right family reunion, it is.

I will admit right out that part of my problem with Epitaph may, in fact, be my problem, rather than the movie’s; as I often do when I am as ridiculously far behind in reviewing as I’ve been for the past year solid, I was writing reviews while the movie was playing, and thus I may not have been paying as close attention to it as it commanded. That said, I find in reading various reviews around the internet that I am far from the only person who found the film to be somewhat confusing. So I’m going to assume at least some of the burden of proof is on the movie itself.


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“Oh, shit, you’re not going to turn into one of those cliched long-haired Asian-horror-movie ghosts, are you?”

Plot: there are actually three different plots, all of which converge on a wartime hospital. In one, a young girl survives a car accident and finds herself haunted by the ghosts of her parents. A second details an intern’s obsession with a beautiful woman who committed suicide, and the third concerns a husband-and-wife team investigating a serial killer who preys on soldiers. All of these stories, unrelated as they may be, do eventually collide (though not in the most convincing of ways).

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“Dammit… she DID!”


Despite the confusion aspect of the film, it’s a very pretty thing, exquisitely-shot (though one wonders if maybe the cinematographer should have considered knocking things up a little given that the film is set in 1942 for the sake of archaism) and very nicely-acted. There is much to be said for that, especially since you can probably head for the internet and/or figure out most of the confusing bits to your satisfaction with a bit of reflection, so unless you’re very easily frustrated that’s not a reason not to watch this; it certainly could have been better than it is, but it’s worth checking out. ***


Trailer. Unsubbed.

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