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La Meute (The Pack) (2010): So Much Unrealized Potential

La Meute (The Pack) (Franck Richard, 2010)


photo credit: Dread Central

I like the UK poster better, but it’s even more spoily.

A little over halfway into The Pack, Franck Richard’s debut film, it changes from a generic, mindless torture porn film to “what the hell am I watching?”. Had it stayed there, I think, it could have been at least half of something special—but instead after that first bout of WTFery, the film goes right back to mindless, derivative joylessness, and I started hating it all over again. It never recovered.


photo credit:

Since the posters are already that spoily, I feel okay adding a picture of this beastie from the “WTF??” scene.

The movie begins with Charlotte Massot (Brotherhood of the Wolf‘s Émilie Dequenne) driving through a snowy wasteland, where she encounters chilly hitchhiker Max (Stella‘s Benjamin Biolay). They stop at a diner to grab some coffee and warm up, and find themselves menaced by a trio of bikers who are chased off by the diner’s shotgun-wielding owner (Micmacs‘ Yolande Moreau). However, when Max disappears into thin air after a quick trip to the restroom, Charlotte goes looking for him—and finds that things are not at all as they seem…

photo credit:

Women in Prison movies may LOOK better than they did in the seventies… but they’re NOT.


…all of which seems very promising, but as I said in the opening paragraph, things go downhill very quickly from there until the scene where you suddenly realize what the title of the movie has to do with anything. You get that amazing WHAT…WHAT moment and start thinking “hey, there might actually be a movie underneath all the stupid!” But… no. I wish I could tell you that one scene, and the generally-decent acting ability displayed by both Dequenne and Moreau, makes this worth watching, but again… no. **



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