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The Beginning of the Scourge, Part 3 (2012): Hopefully It Ends With This Story

Emerson Souza, The Beginning of the Scourge, Part 3 (No press given, no date given)

[note: review originally published 23April2012]

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We can’t show it to you because the Internet fails us (it seems to have only ever been available at Amazon).

This is another (the second I’m reviewing in a row!) that seems to have already been pulled from Amazon. When this originally showed up free for Kindle, I grabbed it because the product description was so badly-written and incoherent that I knew I would be in for a hell of a ride. And, well, let me give you the first sentence.

I got off the duct without thinking of consequences, but they were downstairs, well below where I was when I got sight of the woman really was Clara, was disoriented for a few seconds, because they said she would not kill, but she would be the toy of them was when I looked at the clothing store and came back to grab the cash register to play the head of one of them, one had grabbed her but she would retort pushing him, the other was well below min just watching.”

I’m sure there are people who can translate that into recognizable English, but I am not one of them. Had I planned on giving this incomprehensible mess anything resembling a star, the by-now-unsurprising lack of pertinent information in the file (press, date, and page count, after which I stopped looking) would have stripped it. This is beyond awful. (zero)


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