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Timmy Can Dance! (2010): Plink Plonk Plink

No author listed, Timmy Can Dance! (Egmont Books, 2010)

Points off for lack of information: there is no author listed (i.e., the book was probably “written by committee”).


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He’s the little author with a lot to learn.

I’m not sold on the whole “picture book adaptations of TV shows” thing, from Tokyopop’s “cine-manga” (which, yes, I will bring up in every single review I write about this sort of thing—one of Tokyopop’s Hannah Montana cine-manga scarred me for life a few years ago) to Houghton Mifflin’s ridiculously bad Curious George cash-grabs (see reviews of Curious George Takes a Trip and Curious George Cleans Up elsewhere this ish). Timmy Can Dance! has different problems; perhaps because the series is wordless, there’s less feeling that the adapters left stuff out here. But on the other hand, the adaptation then relies on onomatopoeia, especially for this episode (which is so music-based), and, well, I’m not sure the author really took that into account as much as s/he should have. I’d certainly never have thought to describe hula music as “plinky”… still, of the batch of these things I’ve come into contact with over the years, this is the best of the lot vis-a-vis structure and faithfulness to the source material—but you’re still better off just watching the episode, which, no matter when you’re reading this (unless Netflix dies), is probably available on Netflix streaming. **

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