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Supernatural Activity (2012): Stupidunnatural Liquidity

Supernatural Activity (Derek Lee Nixon, 2012)


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The jokes are older than the ghosts.

What was the last spoof movie that was any good? I can’t actually answer that question, but it certainly came before Scary Movie, team Wayans’ Scream spoof that spawned an entire genre of critically-savaged, ever-worse movies that continually redefine the term “dumb”. Worse, they’ve spawned second-rate imitators, and second-rate imitators of fourth- or fifth-rate movies, well, you can see where I’m going with this. While I’m not going to deny that Supernatural Activity does generate some laughs (certainly more than team Wayans has managed collectively since the death of In Living Color), this is a movie for which the phrase “beyond stupid” could easily have been coined, had it not existed already.

Nixon, an actor (Hallettsville) directing his first feature, gives us a presumably-comedic take on the currently-hopping horror subgenre of reality-TV-takeoffs-where-supernatural-investigators-actually-encounter-the-supernatural. And while this movie has no redeeming qualities whatsoever—it is bland, unfunny, stupid, and not worth a single minute of your time—I have to admit that once I started watching it, some masochistic part of me couldn’t stop. And I hate myself for continuing to watch, but I did, down to the bitter, all-too-predictable end. Please don’t make the same mistake I did, but be warned: if you stumble upon this on TV late one night, you’ll be trapped in a situation more horrific than you’ll find in any movie of the type this monstrosity is supposedly spoofing. *

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