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Murray’s First Book of Words (2010): Heather Au, Bendon’s Only Decent Writer

Heather Au, Murray’s First Book of Words (Bendon Publishing, 2010)


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At least that annoying lamb didn’t show up to the party.

The Bendon books that actually have attributions—all of them written by Heather Au, at least all of them that have made it to Goat Central—are uniformly better than those with no author listed (i.e., one assumes, books that are “written by committee”). Murray’s First Book of Words is the best of the lot so far, one of the few Bendons that actually looks like they were trying to conform to the standards of stuff that carries the Sesame Street license. (And for the record, I say this as someone who thinks Murray is second only to Elmo as the Most Annoying Character in the Modern Incarnation of Sesame Street(TM)). Each page sets up a scene, presents a focus, and then adds other words for peripheral things of interest in the scene. Well-presented, keeps the bean’s interest, and holds up to repeated readings better than other Bendon books (though that’s a relative thing). Hoping Ms. Au will take over as head writer for all of Bendon’s stuff in the future. *** ½

(I may be too hard on Bendon—we do have one of the Sesame beginnings books from back when Random House had the license, and it’s no better.)

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