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Hippo Goes Bananas! (2006): Serengeti Telephone

Marjorie Dennis Murray, Hippo Goes Bananas! (Marshall Cavendish, 2006)

Full disclosure: This book was provided to me free of charge by Amazon Vine.


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Update: the Bean has been asking for this one nightly. Be prepared!

You remember the Telephone game you played as a kid, where everyone sits in a circle? The first person whispers something to the second, and then it goes around the circle, and it’s never the same by the time it gets back to the source? Hippo Goes Bananas! is a humorous take on the subject, where a cuckoo witnessing a hippo with a toothache runs off to tell Monkey, who runs off to tell Jaguar, who… you get the idea. Cuckoo’s misinterpretation is embellished on with each stop, until Hippo blundering into a tree and knocking it over evolves into Hippo destroying the entire Serengeti, and then everyone coming together and solving the actual problem, once they figure out what’s actually going on. Cute, though the bean hasn’t quite warmed to it yet; hoping it will grow on him, because the illustrations are a real gem. ***

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