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Follow the Bunny (2006): For He Has Eggs

Sandra Dillard (illus.), Follow the Bunny (Price Stern Sloan, 2006)


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Little Duck and Little Chick have been waiting for this day all year!

The main attraction of Follow the Bunny, at least going by my son’s reaction to it, is that each page has a textured piece he loves running his finger over. The main drawback to Follow the Bunny, from my perspective, is that the poetry’s scanability (if that’s even a word) lapses from time to time:

“First he hops over to Little Duck and Little Chick,
Planting many flowers that soon they can pick.”

Four accents per line, so it scans, but the rhyme is forced. Which is still better than:

“Little Pup wags his tail, and wiggles his ears,
If he doesn’t hurry, he’ll miss the fun, he fears.”

Forcing that second line to have four accents requires some tongue-twisting reading, not to mention putting for more syllables into a poetic foot than anyone in ancient Greece ever envisioned. (Oh, and the first comma in the first line is [sic].) So it stays in rotation, but for its tactile, rather than its sonic, qualities. **

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