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Everyone Poops (1977): But Do They Know It from Shinola?

Taro Gomi, Everyone Poops (Kane Miller EDC Publishing, 1977)

photo credit: wikipedia

What does apple poop look like?

Okay, so I’ve been sitting here thinking about reviewing this and what’s been going through my head is “what’s the learning angle here?”. I’m not entirely sure why, since I don’t generally think that about pre-lit (viz. The Stupids Die, which I just finished reviewing about forty-five seconds ago), but it seemed to be an important question here. I’m still baffled as to why. It’s a funny little book, the kid is gaga over the illustrations and finds the whole thing hilarious (he just learned the sign language for “poop” and has been running around the house signing it for days), and we’re enjoying reading it. It’s good stuff! So why do I keep asking myself this question? I may never know. *** ½

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