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Eddie Meets the Zebras (2010): Pacing Stripes

Pam Mogensen, Eddie Meets the Zebras (Fisher-Price, 2010)


photo credit: Fisher-Price

Cute, but awkward.

The Fisher-Price Little People line has a farm-type toy with animals that you stick on a certain spot and they make the animal noises [UPDATE: the Fisher-Price page where I got the photo above informs me these particular beasts are called Zoo Talkers. They’re a big hit at Goat Central!]; each comes with a little book about the animal. This is one of them. Some of the verbs seem a bit out of sorts for the age range—it’s that oft-quoted saw about trying to find too many different words to substitute for “he said”—but after a few readings they flow by like water. As far as the book’s point, relating facts about zebras, it does its job, and it does it decently, and the kid likes it enough that it comes out and gets read once or twice a week. ** ½

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