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Mykonos Illusions (1978): Greece Is the Word, Is the Word that You Heard

photo credit: Oregon State University

Mykonos Illusions (Stratos Markides, 1978)

[note: review originally published 5May2011]


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The cover art may be the most erotic thing about the movie.

If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you’ll have heard me harp on time and again about the death of the porn industry as we knew it and how seventies porn is, in the main, much much better than the plotless silliness that passes for porn today. Well, having now seen Mykonos Illusions, I am willing to admit there are exceptions to every rule. It almost seems as if Markides, now a successful TV director, and screenwriter Vasilis Manousakis (who also made the successful leap to TV before passing away in 1998) could see the path the porn industry was taking, and wanted to get there before everyone else, but weren’t quite sure how.


photo credit: me

“Please, I desperately require your help…with my make-up.”

…which is to say that this movie is light, very light, on plot. What there is is thus: Suzan (Patricia Donaldson, whose only other big-screen role was a bit part in Mr. And Mrs. Smith… no, the Brad Pitt remake from 2005), a hooker, gets into a fight with her pimp that ends up with her shooting him. On the run from the cops, she flees to the island of Mykonos, where her old friend Petros (Far Away from Here‘s Rui Gomes) and his new business partner Katia (Real Pleasure‘s Christina Armora in her final film role) reside. The two of them take her in, but she soon begins to suspect ulterior motives in their having done so.

photo credit: me

“No, I’m not Mick Jagger. But if you pay me enough, I could be.”


In some ways it’s like an odd amalgam of Performance and one of the stranger, more arty seventies porn films (think Baby Rosemary, maybe). Nothing that’s going on ever really makes sense, and when the Big Reveal(TM) that’s supposed to give us all the clues to the mystery happens, it doesn’t work—we’re still wondering how half the movie fit in at all. If it did; I’m still not one hundred percent sure it was all the way it was supposed to be. If you like your porn natural (which is, of course, the other part of the death of the industry—widespread access to cheap plastic surgery) but plotless and oddly un-explicit, you might get something out of this mess. Otherwise, look elsewhere. *


No clips online. Thus, a “visit Mykonos” travel agent video!

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