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Panggil Namaku 3x (Say My Name 3x) (2005): Candygirl, Candygirl, Candygirl

Say My Name 3x (Koya Pagayo, 2005)

[note: review originally published 1Dec2008]


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Everyone needs a hug once in a while.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an enterprising director decided to combine Candyman with Mean Girls? Well, you need wonder no more, for Indonesian director Koya Pagayo has done exactly that in Say My Name 3x, an atmospheric, kinda fun, but ultimately directionless attempt at comedy-horror.


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“We have got to get someone in to look at the mirrors in this house…”

Lara (Hayria Lontoh) is the class outcast, the butt of the jokes played by the popular kids. She finds herself with a chance to turn the tables, if only she’ll call Rosemary Marian into existence. All well and good, except as they usually do, the ghost also has an agenda of its own, and wants to use Lara to achieve it.

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“I can’t help you. But I’m very good at making the serious face that makes you THINK I can.”


I find it kind of interesting that none of the other reviews I’ve seen for this one have said anything about the comedy aspect of the movie. If you take it as a straight horror film, it comes off as silly, derivative tripe. But if you look at it more as a comedy, it looks a good deal fresher. And it really is funny, which was something of a surprise. Still, it’s predictable, given that you’ve seen variations on this plot so many times before, so if you’re looking for something that will surprise you, go elsewhere. But for killing time some night when you’ve got nothing better to do and you’ve seen all the Asian horror flicks you own already too many times? Track down a copy of this one. It’s fun. ***


The first part of the full movie on Youtube–the rest of the pieces are linked in the sidebar.

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