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Traditional British Pudding Recipes (2012): Wot! No Meat?

Jane Romsey, Traditional British Pudding Recipes (No press listed, 2012)

Points off: no press listed.

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Warning: this is not a book to read when you’re trying to eat healthier…

Fifty-two pages chock full of delicious dessert recipes from rice pudding to bread-and-butter pudding (which is different than bread pudding—for which there is also a recipe here) to just about any other sweet pudding you can think of. I’m not sure why I had thought this book was going to be exhaustive, and in the preface Romsey says that since she’s a vegetarian, she specifically left out steak and kidney pie, but what she neglected to go on and say is that she left out all the savory puddings, which I was really looking forward to seeing recipes for—no white pudding, no haggis, no groaty pudding, no traditional blancmange (which, yes, in its original form was a chicken dish, viz. The Forme of Cury). Hoping there’s a sequel that covers those. But if you’re looking for the desserty stuff, and your waistline can handle it, hop to, there is a bounty of steamed and baked puddings awaiting you here. This is a recommend despite the low rating (which comes as a function of the author not including relevant information in the file or on the Amazon page). **

I don’t normally add video to capsule reviews, but it’s possible this song (from the Animal Liberation comp that came out on Wax Trax! Records in 1985), from which the subtitle comes, is too obscure for many folks to have remembered.

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