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The Family Book (2003): All Families Like Bright Illustrations!

Todd Parr, The Family Book (Little, Brown, 2003)


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Note: in the month since I wrote this review, this has actually become one of the boy’s favorite books, and he grabs it for the reading pile every night. Rating revised upward!

Colorful illustrations and simple text make this one a winner with the little guy, though he does seem to prefer books with a storyline rather than this sort of simple list-of-attributes style book. Valuable lessons to be learned here, though, and Parr’s illustrations are great at bringing points home (“All families are sad when they lose someone they love.” actually made me tear up the first couple of times I saw it). I plan on digging into more of Todd Parr’s stuff now to find out how good he can get when writing something story-based; this is good enough for the moment. *** ½

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