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Path of Destruction (2005): Math Girl and Flounder vs. the Superstorm

Path of Destruction (Stephen Furst, 2005)


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I’ve been trying to put this up since day one… it took me this long to find a movie poster, and when I find one, it’s in Cyrillic!

About the best thing I can say about this movie is that without it, I’d have never known that the mind-numbingly beautiful Danica McKellar, for whom I would sometimes get over my complete aversion to The Wonder Years and choke down an episode, still has a career. Other than that, I have to apologize to my body for leaving it in a chair long enough to watch this piece of garbage.

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Danica McKellar: yep, still hot.

McKellar, the crusading reporter, teams up with a climatologist (Everwood‘s Chris Pratt) to try and foil an ever-expanding cloud of nanotech robots that have hitched themselves to a major storm front and are devouring everything in their path. No, folks, I kid you not. The main question that kept going through my mind was, “someone from Everwood needed money this badly?”

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“Like all generals in made-for-TV disaster movies, I am constipated.”

It’s somewhat amusing that the only character in the movie who made it at all interesting was played by the director himself. Give me a whole movie about a beer-swilling sex-starved weather station employee, and I’ll trade this AND The Day After Tomorrow for it. ½


Every Youtube video I can find under “Path of Destruction” is some stupid monster truck video. Sorry.

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